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Residential Visits to the Woodland Education Centre 
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Bishop Copleston's Wetland Heritage
This highly successful iniitiative has now been completed.  

The Woodland Education Centre
Open for School & Group Visits
Email or telephone 01404 831881 to book

     Bat Video on YouTube!
Watch a movie of a bat survey at the Woodland Education Centre.


  Ecological Surveys of the Heathland Area
A wealth of unique data, images, interpretation and conclusions.

Geology of the Woodland Education Centre 
All you need to know about the Centre's 4.7 billion year history in 5 minutes!

      Sparrowhawk Movie  
Watch a Sparrowhawk eat its prey - by Craig Mansfield

     Bird 'flu - get the answers here

Woodland Education Centre - In Pictures
Image gallery of the Centre & its wildlife


Search this Site

    Centre Birds 
   Archived Bird sightings at the Centre - for more recent sightings visit our new website

Is it dew or is it gutation? Find out here...

  Ecological Surveys of the Heathland Area 
A wealth of new, unique data, images, interpretation and conclusions.

 HRH The Princess Royal
Image gallery of her visit to the Woodland Education Centre 

 Geology of the Woodland Education Centre 
All you need to know about the Centre's 4.7 billion year history in 5 minutes!

  Trust received $44,000 Grant 
 The Alcoa Foundation presented a cheque to the Trust

Results of surveys conducted at the Woodland Education Centre

Plants & Animals Special to Devon 
Devon Biodiversity Action Plan species and information

  Badger Webcam Movies 
New movies include 27 minutes of badger activity in 50 seconds!

   The Trust wins the John Mejor Award  
The award was presented by HRH The Princess Royal

  Wild at Heart 

Article about the Centre reproduced from the Countryman magazine

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The Mystery Picture will return
on our New Website

What is it?

Centre Newsletters 
Some previously published newsletters - to read articles from more recent newsletters, visit our new website

A guide to ecological succession

  Wildlife Puzzles 
New puzzle - Design an animal!

Teachers' Resources
Educational information

    Bat Boxes  
One individual's experiences of making & siting bat boxes

   The Countryside and Biodiversity 
a personal view by Councillor Des Shadrick

Frogs, toads and newts

Identification, Production and Uses

Biodiversity updates 
Information, Surveys & Articles

Find out more about these simple but fascinating non-flowering plants.

Explore the fascinating world of fungi

Seed Dispersal
Find out how flowering plants distribute their seeds

Biosphere Reserves 
An introduction, article, Braunton Burrows & UNESCO book review

Centre Moths   
Updated surveys, species lists, image galleries & moth information

Updated images, species & information

Wildlife Puzzles
Wildlife Games, Jumbled Picture Puzzles, Quizzes & more!

Garden Ponds & Pond Making  
Instructions for designing, building and stocking
a garden pond based on 20 years of experience

Farming the East Devon Way  
A video looking at farming & the countryside.
After a short pause it starts automatically

Interactive Picture Puzzles  
A selection of our popular puzzles!

Introducing East Devon  
Featuring the geology, landscapes, habitats and wildlife

      How long does a bird live?
Find out about the average and the greatest lifespans of birds

Woodland Education Centre - In Pictures 
Image gallery of the Centre & its wildlife

    Jumbled Picture Puzzles
Rearrange the mixed-up wildlife pictures!

Bluebell Distribution 
An ecological sampling exercise for students

Plant Lifecycle
Follow each stage of flowering plant reproduction & growth

   Remote Sensing Results  
Reports written by students online! Now with educator's appraisal.

  The Offwell Valley Image Gallery 
The beautiful Devon countryside surrounding the Woodland Education Centre.

  A Guide to Ecological Sampling 
Updates & Additions

   DEBI Environmental Awards 
Education & Awareness Winner!

       Trees in Britain  
A pictorial guide for identification of a selection of trees
both native and naturalised.

Woodlands & their Management

A general description of British woodlands,   together with an introduction to

management techniques for small native woodlands.

   Remote Experiments over the Internet!
Take part in exciting scientific experiments over the internet. 

Intensive Agricultural Grasslands
An Introduction to their Production & Biodiversity

Wildlife Puzzles
Dozens of puzzles from interactive crosswords to jokes & quizzes.
These are being frequently updated and new puzzles added, so keep checking!

Log Cabin Construction - in Pictures
See how the Centre's Log Cabin was built

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  The Wetlands Discovery Trail
A fascinating interactive exploration of Wetlands

Mystery Picture Gallery 
Interactive picture puzzles, updated monthly

People and Biodiversity - is there a future?
A summary of the eighth Annual Offwell Lecture

  Woodcock Movie 
See a short movie clip of a woodcock at the Woodland Education Centre

Trust received $44,000 Grant 
 The Alcoa Foundation presented a cheque to the Trust

Action for Biodiversity  
  A Heritage Lottery funded project

     Woodland Webcam 
Our Badgercam runs every night - As featured in the Daily Mail national newspaper

Find out about our educational programmes here!


What's New on this Website?  All new information is now being added to our new website. Click here for any updates to our old website.


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     Centre Newsletters   
Archived historical news about the Woodland Education Centre. Visit the new website for up to date information

Mystery Pictures
See the last (August 2009) mystery wildlife picture.  You can also find out the identity of last month's picture! This feature will return on the new website.

360 Panorama - An Interactive View of the Centre 
- Make a virtual visit to the Centre's log cabin and take a look around outside!


Forest & Pond Life Images

Interactive Centre Map

Visit the photo galleries for images, information, videos and sounds.
Heritage Lottery Grant

Wetlands Restoration Project

Countryside Events

Wetland Ecological Survey

Leat Restoration Project
Heathland Project Decomposition Primrose Survey
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Species Quiz Centre Newsletters Woodland Project
Forthcoming Webcams Wildlife Articles Tadpole to Frog
Surveys Educational Courses Mystery Picture
Wetland Project Videos The Fascinating World of Fungi Wetlands Discovery Trail
Lowland Heath Butterflies What's On Diary
Wet Woodland Bird Survey Wet Woodland Plant Survey Realities of Sustainable Development Article
Species Lists Northern Stream Carr Survey Rhododendron
Interactive Puzzles Wetland Foodweb Remote Experiments
Log Cabin Construction Lichens Sparrowhawk Image Galleries
Woodland Management Agricultural Grasslands Trees in Britain
Wildlife Education About Us

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