Pond & Wetlands Foodweb

All animals need food in order to survive. Herbivores feed on plants, while carnivores eat herbivores and or, other carnivores. A foodweb is a diagram which illustrates the feeding relationships of animals in a particular habitat. It links together a number of foodchains.

The foodweb illustrated below applies to ponds or wetlands such as those found at the Woodland Education Centre in Offwell, Devon, England. It is extremely simplified, with many common animals left out. If they were all included, the number of links in the foodweb would make it impossible to follow.


foodweb.gif (80557 bytes)

Many common animals which could be included in the food web above have been omitted in the interests of simplicity. These include frog and toad tadpoles, newts and a variety of other invertebrates. Their inclusion would simply make the food web too complex to follow.

The different coloured lines in the foodweb do not signify anything. They are merely to improve readers' ability to distinguish between different lines and arrows in the foodweb.

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