Interactive Picture Puzzles
Each of the puzzles below splits a wildlife image into a number of rectangles and then mixes them up. 
The task is to put the scrambled pieces back together again within the time limit!
There are varying levels of complexity to test your ability.

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You need to have Java installed on your computer.
If you do not have it, you can get it free here!


tn_fox_fern.jpg (14928 bytes) tn_sycbeech.jpg (14104 bytes) toad_frog_puz.jpg (10760 bytes)
Fox & Fern
Level 1 - Beginner
Beech & Sycamore
Level 3 - Beginner
Toad & Frog
Level 3 - Beginner


edmap.jpg (9596 bytes) pnewt.jpg (8824 bytes) mayfly.jpg (8044 bytes) gdbeetle.jpg (7972 bytes)
Map of East Devon
Level 4 - Intermediate
Palmate Newt
& Tadpole

Level 4 - Intermediate
Mayfly & Larva
Level 4 - Intermediate
Great Diving Beetle & Larva
Level 4 - Intermediate


tn_beechint.jpg (16960 bytes) birdpuz.jpg (12280 bytes)

cabinpuz.jpg (15028 bytes)

woodpuz.jpg (14772 bytes)

Beech & Sycamore
Level 5 - Intermediate

Level 6 - Intermediate

The Log Cabin
Level 9 - Intermediate

Pheasant & Woodland
Level 12 - Advanced

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