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The Woodland Education Centre
The Heathland Restoration Project
Trialling different methods of management for heathland restoration.

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The Heathland Restoration Project is a habitat management experiment which has been running since 1995. The aim of the experiment is to restore a lowland heath habitat on the project site, while also examining the effects of different management techniques on the restoration process. The project is based on a 2 hectare site at the Woodland Education Centre in Offwell, near Honiton, Devon, SW England.

Heathland Restoration Project

Blue Butterfly on Heather.

Introduction to the Heathland Restoration Project

Site Description
Soil Characteristics
Site Diagram and Habitat Management Methods
Ecological Survey Methods
Introduction to the Ecological Surveys
Ecological Survey Reports
Conclusions 1996 - 2001
Plant Species List
Article describing the site after 5 years
Secondary Succession on the Control Section
Bluebell Ecological Sampling Exercise
The Woodland Education Centre


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