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The Woodland Education Centre
Air Temperature Experiment

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A sensor was located at the Woodland Education Centre which is near Honiton in South-west England.  When running, the sensor recorded the air temperature at regular intervals. This was displayed in the lefthand panel above.  The date and time of the reading was also shown.  The picture on the right is not a live picture!

As a pilot project for our remote experiments, the data was automatically uploaded every minute for 12 hours over a three day period.  Students made regular visits to this web page and recorded the displayed temperatures.   As part of the experiment, they compared these readings with those taken at their own location.

For details of the Offwell sensor location and other information, click here

For information about the Woodland Education Centre, click here.

To get an idea of the local weather conditions, click here for the latest satellite picture.  It will open in a new window.   Note that the time shown on the picture is GMT.

For extensive information about the British weather, visit the Met Office here.


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