Northern Stream Carr Survey

A descriptive plant survey of a small wet woodland

by Gillian Dunkley

This survey was carried out on a voluntary basis as part of the Northern Study Area Wetland Project, at the Woodland Education Centre in Offwell, Devon, South West England. It is a descriptive plant survey of a small wet woodland area known as the Northern Stream Carr. This is close to a much larger area of Wet Woodland in which a full ecological plant survey has been carried out. The results of this survey can be accessed here.


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The Northern Study Area Wetland Project is funded through the Local Heritage Initiative (LHI) scheme.  This scheme is administered by the Countryside Agency, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Nationwide Building Society. The project is also funded by the Pennon Water Champions Fund through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.

Offwell Environment Link, the Forestry Commission and the International Tree Foundation have also contributed towards the project.