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Management, Types, Surveys, Image Gallery, Log Cabin Construction

wpe19.jpg (57899 bytes) British Woodlands and their management
A general description together with an introduction to management techniques for small native woodlands.

The Woodland Restoration Project
These surveys and reports document the restoration
of a broadleaved woodland in East Devon, U.K.

Wet Woodland Survey
Wet woodland is a native, natural woodland habitat that
has soil with varying degrees of moisture content.

Northern Stream Carr Survey
A descriptive plant survey of a small wet woodland
at the Woodland Education Centre, south-west England.

Tree Galleries
A pictorial guide for identification of a selection
of trees both native and naturalised.
Woodland Image Galleries
A series of image galleries featuring a range of
woodland subjects includinganimals and fungi
Map of the Woodland Education Centre
Interactive map showing a range of features
including woodland distribution.






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