Offwell Wetland Survey
Dr Barbara Corker

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Introduction A general overview of The Wetland Survey.

Information map

See the Wetland Survey content clearly laid out.
Survey Details and Diagram The survey details, transects and interactive diagram.


Description of The Wetland area before and after restoration.

Plant species list

Plant species lists from the surveys plus a summary of relevant points.

Plant zonation in wetlands

Description of the plant zonation patterns readily visible in most wetlands.

Adaptations of aquatic plants

Find out about a variety of different adaptations found in water plants.

Information on wetland species

Descriptions and habitats of selected wetland species.
Zones in the Wetland The zones in The Wetland, including images and plant species lists.
Survey methods and results Methods and Results of the 2000 ecological survey.
Biological Sampling Find out more about biological sampling techniques.
List of Diagrams and Charts Line Transect and Survey diagrams, Bar Charts and Tables
Conclusions An ecological overview of the results of the survey.
Glossary Definitions of the terms used.

This survey and its publication were made possible by the support of the Pennon Group Plc
through the

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