Wet Woodland Plant Survey
Survey Conclusions

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Plant Species in the Wet Woodland

The bar chart below shows the number of species found in the samples for each area.

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Charting the total number of species found in the samples taken for each area.
From the chart it can be seen that the Stony Area and the Clearing have the highest number of plant species (27), while the Cherry Area has the lowest number (13).


Across the Wet Woodland, six separate areas were identified for survey.  The areas were chosen because of the differences in soil, light and drainage.

In total there are 70 different plant species across the Wet Woodland, making it very diverse.  14 of these are mosses making them highly significant throughout the Wet Woodland. 

Two of the six areas, the Stony Area and the Clearing, were found to have the most species, 27 in all.  Much of the diversity in the Stony Area is due to the high number of mosses (11).  However, these were sparse and spread widely across the area.  The comparatively high plant diversity of the Clearing is due to the junction of habitats within the area.

The Seepage Area is very distinct from the others and contains many different species because it is very wet.


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