The Log Cabin Area
A Description of the Habitats and Caterpillar Foodplants around the Log Cabin
at the Woodland Education Centre, Offwell, Honiton, Devon, SW England.

Centre Map

Map of the cabin area. The Log Cabin area

Map of the Log Cabin Area.

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The Log Cabin sits in the bottom of the Offwell Valley, in East Devon. It is adjacent to the Offwell Brook.

The brook enters the Centre from the northern end of the reserve, via Monument Pond and runs down the western edge of the Centre. A leat also exits from Monument Pond, running down towards and around Dragonfly Pond. The leat continues on to meet up with the brook again near the southern border of the Centre. The leat diverts much of the entering stream water around the Centre's sensitive wetland habitats and the Lake. Centre Map

The brook, leat and ponds are bordered with trees such as Alder, sallows and willows, which all favour wetter habitats. Many herbaceous marsh and swamp plants, such as Yellow Iris, Reedmace, Brooklime and a variety of rushes and sedges also grow in and around the ponds.

Blackthorn in flower.

Between the leat as it exits the Dragonfly Pond area and the track leading to the cabin, there is a hedge consisting mainly of Hazel, Blackthorn, European Gorse, willows and Alder Buckthorn.

Wildflower area adjacent to th eastern edge of Dragonfly Pond.

There are grassy, wildflower areas immediately in front of the cabin and on both east and west sides of Dragonfly Pond.

Plants here include mainly Bird's-foot Trefoil, Ox-eye Daisies, clover, docks, Cat's Ear, Foxgloves, rushes and a variety of grasses.


Immediately behind the cabin is a stand of Heather, leading into a short strip of pioneer birches and then into a conifer plantation.

Immediately behind the cabin are herbaceous plants and a stand of Heather. Behind this is a short strip of pioneer birch trees, leading into a conifer plantation.

The conifers are mainly Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir and Grand Fir.

The conifer plantation extends up the hill slope towards Offwell Village. It is bordered at the top by a narrow strip of mature oak woodland.

In the middle of the conifer plantation, there is a small patch of broadleaf woodland consisting mainly of birch, Rowan and Ash.


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