The Wet Woodland Plant Survey

Mature Tree Survey Method

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For the purposes of this survey, mature trees included all trees over 2m in height.

Within the individual areas, trees of each species were counted.  These results were then expressed as percentages of the total for that area. i.e. Silver Birch make up 76% of all the trees on the Mound.

For the tallest tree of each species in an area, its height was measured using a clinometer. (see below).  The results were recorded in tables. (example table below.)

Finally the presence of all the mature tree species was recorded in the overall species list. (see "results" below.)


The Mound

Horizontal distance from tree base 8m Height of recorder 1.8m

Species of Tree

Percentage Frequency

Angle of inclination to tallest tree top

Max. tree height

Betula pendula Roth Silver Birch





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A Clinometer.  This hand held device was used to measure the angle in degrees between the horizontal and the top of a tree.  The device is held at eye level and the trigger is squeezed.   The top of the tree is sighted through both sighting points and pressure on the trigger released.  The arrow then points to the angle of inclination of the top of the tree.

How to calculate the Height of a Tree

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