The Wet Woodland Plant Survey

Area Map

The Wet Woodland incorporates six distinct areas of plant diversity within the Husk.  The Husk is sited on the western edge of the Woodland Education Centre, adjacent to The Heathland Area.  It is an area of mature deciduous woodland situated on a south-east facing slope.  The soil is mainly acid.   A fairly narrow channel of bog/marsh called The Seepage runs downhill through the centre of the Husk.  Adjacent to this on either side are transition zones leading to drier areas.  North and west of the Seepage the tree canopy is quite thick and more mature, while to the south it is more open and the ground is littered with chert stones and flints.

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The Seepage



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The diagrammatic map above is not drawn to scale.

Where is the Wet Woodland? 
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