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Devon’s First Mothathon
July 2003

Moth experts and enthusiasts from around the country are descending on the Woodland Education Centre, near Honiton, this weekend for a 48 hour moth-catching extravaganza. The event will start on the evening of Friday, the 25th July 2003.

Andy Swash, the event organiser, says "This is the 10th annual Mothathon and the very first to be held in Devon. Twelve light traps will be sited around the Woodland Education Centre on two successive nights. If the weather conditions are right, we can expect to catch thousands of moths. Up to 150 different species may be trapped over the weekend. Many moths are quite spectacular, far surpassing the beauty of butterflies. Although moths can be found flying during every single month of the year, the greatest number of species is on the wing in June and July. This is also the best time to find migrants from the continent such as some of the rare and stunningly beautiful hawkmoth species. "

The Woodland Education Centre at Offwell is a 50 acre nature reserve. It is run by the Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust, in partnership with the Forestry Commission. Says Stephen Lawson, the Director of the Trust, "The results of the Mothathon will reflect the extraordinary diversity of the habitats at the Centre and how important the area has become for wildlife."

The Mothathon will be carried out by dedicated moth aficionados from around the country. They have many decades of accumulated experience between them. All the moths which are trapped will be counted, identified and then released unharmed. Dr Barbara Corker, the Education Officer at the Woodland Education Centre, says of the event "It will greatly add to our knowledge of biodiversity at the Centre. The species records which are collected will be made available on the Trust’s website which is one of the largest about British wildlife."

The Centre is one of the leading environmental education centres in the UK. During the fieldwork season, a class or group visits every day to learn about the natural world. Practical activities are augmented by an award-winning and innovative website ( which features over 60,000 keywords and topics about the British Countryside. The website is part of Britain’s National Grid for Learning and typically attracts over 100,000 hits every week.


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Notes for Editors

The event can be viewed either at night or during the day. The light traps will be operating in the evenings of Friday 25th July 2003 and Saturday 26th July 2003 from dusk onwards. The best time to view the night’s entire catch will be at the Centre’s log cabin on Saturday 26th July 2003, or Sunday 27th July 2003 at around 10.30 am. At this time, all the moths which have been trapped overnight will be on view as they are identified and photographed. Photographs of the event will be available in digital format. Please email your request to

Entry to the Centre is by private road. Photographers/Reporters wishing to attend the Mothathon should email ( or telephone the Trust (01404 831881) to arrange to meet a guide outside Offwell Village School.


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