Mystery Picture Answers

No. 1

Saucer Bug

A view of the head of a Saucer Bug Ilyocoris cimicoides.  This flattish, oval shaped freshwater creature lives amongst plants in the shallow water of ponds and slow moving streams, and is found in southern Britain.  It is a carnivore and uses its powerful front legs with large thighs to hold tightly onto its prey, including fish fry.  It then stings the prey and sucks out the body juices using its mouth!   Saucer bugs are about 15mm in length.  Although they do not fly, they do have wings.  The Saucer Bug has a bubble of air trapped underneath its body as it swims around in the water using its long, hairy back legs.  The larvae of Saucer Bugs look similar to the adults except that they have no wings.

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