The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Wren       Troglodytes troglodytes

Appearance A very small bird with cocked tail, chestnut above, with pale eyebrow and a very fine bill.   
Size: 9-10cm tall
Voice Repeated tic-tic and clink; Song, a loud ripping warble ending in a wheezing chur.
Habitat Gardens, marshes, heaths, sea cliffs, woods and hedges.
Food Insects.
Breeding Habits 5-8 eggs in a dome in a hole in a bank.  Incubation takes 14-17 days and fledging takes 15-20 days. 
1 brood per year; April-May.
Location in Wet Woodland This bird was seen in the bluebell area, wet area and stony area.  The Bluebell and wet areas have a lot of ground cover and small trees. In the stony area, it was recorded in bushes at the side.
It was mostly seen picking off insects from moss on the side of tree trunks or singing from low vegetation.


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