The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Great Tit      Parus major

Appearance The largest and most clearly marked of all the tits, with a shiny black cap and bib joined by a bold black line enclosing white cheeks. It also has a black stripe down the belly (wider in male than female) and a green back. The wings and tail are pale blue, the latter with white outer feathers.  
Size:13.5-14.5cm tall
Voice Most common calls are see-saw and teecha-teecha-teecha.
Habitat Gardens, marshes, heaths, woods and hedges.
Food Insects and seeds.
Breeding Habits 8-13 eggs in a cup-like nest in a tree or a nest box.  Incubation takes 13-17 days and fledging takes 16-22 days. 
1 brood per year; March-May.
Location in Wet Woodland This bird was seen once in the stony area.  It was seen feeding in a mixed flock of other tits, goldcrests, nuthatches and treecreepers.


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